3M 05742 Hookit 2-3/4 x 5 Soft Hand Block

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3M 05742 Hookit 2-3/4 x 5 Soft Hand Block Description

Size:1 Product Description Soft molded foam block with easy release hook face. Use with Hookit abrasives sheets 2 3/4 inch x 5 inch for leveling of repair area or following contours. From the Manufacturer Easy Use from Start to FinishThe 3M Hookit Soft Hand Block is made of a tough yet flexible molded foam that has an easy release hook face. The easy attachment and removal of Hookit 2 and 3/4′ x 5” abrasives sheets makes change-outs quick and easy. While using an abrasive sheet without a hand block may be suitable for some, you’ll likely see improvements to the quality of work with this product. Think of it this way: using an abrasive without a hand block is much like cutting a steak with a butter knife; it will work but it’s clearly less precise, more difficult and time consuming. This is because a molded foam block gives the user greater agility and control when working on projects.Additionally, this foam block can take stress off your fingers, wrists and arms. With a contoured design meant to fit comfortably in the user’s hand, sanding becomes much easier. Like many quality 3M products, the Soft Hand Block is sturdy and has a long lifetime to save you money. This soft hand block can also help you get the most out of abrasive sheets. By using a compatible hand block, you can potentially expand the life and performance of abrasives.The Benefit of Hookit AttachmentThis product also has added value because it is compatible with corresponding Hookit abrasives that are well-known for their quality. Like all Hookit products, these economical abrasives have best in class performance and can be used for virtually any sanding task on a variety of substrates.

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