Goldblatt G13301 Pattern Pistol Gun and Hopper

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Goldblatt G13301 Pattern Pistol Gun and Hopper Description

Product Description Pattern pistol with hopper, cast aluminum pistol with steel dial face for varying spray textures, comes with hopper. This product is manufactured in china. Excellent for industrial and domestic use. From the Manufacturer The Goldblatt Classic Pattern Pistol and Hopper has been the professional’s choice of texture sprayers for decades. It comes complete with two interchangeable air stem nozzles to double the range of patterns and spray pressures. The smaller 3/32-Inch air nozzle will give even texture, even at maximum pressures. The larger 1/8-Inch nozzle ensures great patterns at a lower pressure range. The orifice wheel allows you to make easy pattern changes, while the trigger stops ensure the pattern is consistent. Perfectly weighted and balanced with a built-in trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue.

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