Inspired Eggshell Interior Paint, Imagine .01, Gallon

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Inspired Eggshell Interior Paint, Imagine .01, Gallon Description

Product Description Paint for The People and The Planet : Colorhouse premium paints are low odor, Green Wise* certified, and have superior coverage and durability. Our harmonious, artist-crafted colors are designed to be easy backdrops for living. *This product is certified by Coating Research Group Inc. to meet performance and environmental standards as shown on The addition of VOC-containing colorants may increase the final VOC of a tinted paint. VOC Content Statement: Maximum VOC content for untinted base paint and primer: 3 g/L (as determined by ASTM Test Method D 6886). The VOC content may increase after tinting. VOC Emissions Statement: Our untinted base paints and primers have zero VOC emissions 14 days after application in a non-residential setting, based on California CDPH Standard Method Section 01350, the most popular US standard for evaluating and restricting VOC emissions for indoor air. VOC emissions may increase after tinting. From the Manufacturer Paint for the People and the Planet. Our premium paints have low odor and superior coverage with palettes that make choosing color simple. By choosing Colorhouse, you are helping to make the world more colorful and less volatile!

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