Interlux YVA502/QT Compass Clear – Quart

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Interlux YVA502/QT Compass Clear – Quart Description

Size:Quart Compass Clear is a highly durable one-part polyurethane gloss varnish that contains a unique combination of ultra-violet additives, HALS, surface stabilizers and antioxidants to ensure long-term gloss and clarity. Polyurethane resin adds incredible abrasion, chemical and water resistance. Superior leveling properties along with silky application allows you to achieve a professional, long lasting finish. Compass Clear is suitable for all internal and external woods, and can be applied directly to oily timber, such as teak. Compass Clear can also be used in a system with Clear Wood Sealer (YVA327/YVA328).A bright, clear, high gloss finish lets the natural color of the wood show through.

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