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This is an easy to use waterproofing repair material to stop leaking cracks, rod holes, and other defects in concrete! Don’t settle for the typical ‘hydraulic cement’ sold at the big box stores. Xypex Patch N Plug has Crystalline Technology to self-seal and waterproof concrete. Just add water, and VOILA…you’re done!!Stops leaks, fixes cracks, patches rod holes, fills voids, and so much more!!Fast, Easy, and PERMANENT! Sure you can buy hydraulic cement at a big box store but this is ENGINEERED for below grade applications and is impregnated with XYPEX CRYSTALLINE technology, which seals the pores and capillary tracts within the concrete. Don’t settle for a low cost hydraulic cement, Xypex Patch N Plug will accomplish the same thing but will penetrate into the concrete, creating a waterproof repair that traditional hydraulic cement cannot do. Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing is the choice of quality contractors and builders across the country. Specifically designed to be used on the ‘negative’ side of a structure, Xypex penetrates deep into the pores and capillary tracts of concrete to form an insoluble barrier against the penetration of water and contaminants such as oils, solvents, and a broad range of chemicals. This formation causes the concrete itself to become waterproof, eliminating the need for costly digging on the outside to stop water.

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