Rheem 70-24157-03 Inducer Blower Motor 10701 by Rheem / Ruud

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Rheem 70-24157-03 Inducer Blower Motor 10701 by Rheem / Ruud Description

Features: * Shaded Pole * Single Speed * 60 HZ * Automatic Overload * Single PhaseItem Specifications:Speeds 1Volts 120Amps 1.71Rotation CCWLERPM 3000Bearings BallEnclosure OpenMotor Type Shaded PoleFrame 3.3Overload AutomaticPhase 1Hertz 60This Item ReplacesAmetek: 117104-01, 117104-08, 117847-07Fasco: 7062-1881, 7062-2513, 7062-2615, 7062-4534, 7062-4702ICP: 1690042Mars: 10701Rheem: 117104-01, 5C089, 4MF46, 117847-07, FB-RFB142, 70-22162-81, 70-22165-81, 70-22838-02, 70-22838-82, 70-24149-01, 70-24157-03, 70-24175-81Note: There are many furnaces that may use this Inducer OR (70-101087-81). The difference is the 70-24157-03 has a port to be able to use this Inducer for Standing Pilot systems whereas the 70-101087-81 does not have this port therefore it can not be used for standing pilot systems. So if you have Hot Surface or Spark Ignition you can order the 70-10187-81. Prior to a date code of 6/1/2002 use the 70-24157-03 shown on the next description below. After a date code of 6/1/2002 use 70-101087-81 in the description above. To figure out your date code – Your serial number will look something like this example CB5D302 F099903346 Look at the F in the serial number. The next (2) digits are the week of production and the next 2 digits is the year it was made. So in this example the furnace was made the 9th week of 1999.Note: Induced Draft Blowers were re-designed after date code F2192 to no longer include the mounting molding for the Vent Safety Switch. The Vent Safety Switch is not required on replacement induced draft blower motors. Remove the wiring flag connectors and connect the wires together.You may contact us for help in

Rheem 70-24157-03 Inducer Blower Motor 10701 by Rheem / Ruud buy

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