RTG Outdoor Wood Furniture Varnish (Quart)

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RTG Outdoor Wood Furniture Varnish (Quart) Description

Size Name:Quart RTG Outdoor Wood Furniture Varnish creates an ultra-clear, extremely tough, protective finish that takes a beating from the elements so your wood furniture doesn’t have to. Its long-lasting, 100% waterproof, UV-stable formula prevents deterioration and discoloration completely. It also shields the wood from everyday wear, while preventing flaking, chipping and peeling much better than oil-based wood varnish. And unlike oil-based varnish, it dries faster, has no harsh fumes, is more eco-friendly, and cleans up easily with just soap & water. It also goes on milky-white, but dries to a crystal-clear finish.RTG Wood Furniture Varnish dries extremely fast, so you can apply multiple coats in just 1 day, finish varnishing faster, and start enjoying your furniture sooner. After some simple surface prep, you can apply Outdoor Wood Furniture Varnish directly to the wood—no sealing or priming first. Overcoat in just 1 hour @ 72°F, without sanding between build coats. Just 2-3 coats are all it takes, with more coats adding more gloss. Before the finish coat, wait 12 hours, sand lightly & remove residue. Let the finish coat dry for 24 hours & enjoy. Your furniture will not only look better, smoother, and splinter-free, it’ll last longer.This premium, water-based polyurethane beautifies all types of wood, including oak, maple, poplar, pine, teak & mahogany, while retaining their natural color. Its unique Pour Pak bag can be resealed to prevent waste, while the easy-pour spout prevents drips and spills. Just be sure to store any unused varnish where it will not freeze, and it’ll be ready to go the next time you are.Compare to Varathane Clear Water-Based Exterior Spar Varnish and Minwax Clear Semi-Gloss Water-Based Spar Urethane. RTG Outdoor Wood Furniture Varnish is clearer, has excellent durability, and is a much better value. All RTG products provide excellent results & are 100% made in the USA.

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